Nutfile holder for setting string height for Ukuleles, Guitars and other stringed instruments.

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125 SOLD to date (2/17/22)

Each file holder set includes a FREE string gauge!

If you’re looking for a simple tool that can SLOWLY lower the slots on your instrument so it’s easier to play, then the NutFileHolder is definitely the perfect tool for the job!

Ok, you just got a new uke or guitar or whatever, but the factory set up is pretty terrible. The instrument is hard to play and those barre chords are killer. Lowering the string action is your path to smoother playing and less strain on your hands. To do that you need a nut file. Not a square one. Not a triangular one. Not the skinny one in your tool kit, but several files of different (and quite small) sizes with a ROUND profile to match the shape of your strings.

I tried using those cheapie welding tip reamers. The first time I used them I was using one of the smaller reamers freehand and it was flexing while I was using it. It left a groove that wasn’t actually flat and didn’t really follow the existing slot in a straight line. Not good! I had to repair my nut and start over.

Before I tried again, I decided to make my own nut file reamer holder. And now I’m offering them to the public.

Here are the primary features:

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT difference from ALL others is that the length of the reamer opening is limited. That allows the reamer much better support, and keeps it straight without bending.
  • It’s designed by a musician ( I play guitar, Uke and Bass)
  • It’s Made in Vermont, USA
  • It’s perfect for lowering the string slot height of most instruments that use a string nut
  • The rounded tip won’t mar the surface of the head on your instrument
  • Only the cutting section of the reamer is exposed
  • The ridges on the top of the tool provide very positive control
  • Much less expensive than buying a set of professional nut files.
  • Files can be flipped over doubling your cutting surface. Tip: Before flipping, mark the used side with a black marker.
  • Cuts SLOWLY (that’s a good thing!), and polishes at the same time with a perfect round and polished string slot
  • The set of 13 reamers covers a wide range of string sizes. If needed, the whole set is easily replaced for just a few dollars.

Reamer Sizes Included:

  1. .060
  2. .053
  3. .045
  4. .041
  5. .038
  6. .034
  7. .031 2ea.
  8. .026
  9. .023
  10. .019 2ea.
  11. .013

There is a multitude of information on the web about how to set up your instrument. Watch a couple of videos, do a little research and have at it. It’s really not hard and you’ll REALLY appreciate a properly set up instrument. It makes a huge difference in your playing enjoyment.

Happy playing!

When you purchase you will be presented with a PayPal cart. You can add extra sets of files for $3.95 per set with no additional shipping fees. You can also order more Nutfile Holders by simply increasing the quantity in the cart up to 4 units.

Contact me for quantities larger than 4 nutfile holders or combinations of nutfile holders and files, and I’ll figure out the shipping and send you a PayPal invoice.

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April 12,2021